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    I am new to linkshare and I still do not understand the payment issue. I have money that is due to me from for Feb. and it says that they are awaiting payment for Feb. All of my other merchants paid for Feb by the end of March. Is it normal for to be late with their payment to linkshare??

    Is this "awaiting payment" for everyone or just for me?? I have no idea how linkshare works??

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    hello infoseeker, If you haven't got paid for Feb, I would email linkshare and contact them. there late. basically what I know there should be mailing checks and in your mailbox in the middle of the month. so March earnings should arrive soon. Still waiting for my $$$ Mondera check.(big check) I'm hoping it will come in the next couple days so I can pay my rent.

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    actually, if you fill out the "merchant hasn't paid us form" you should read the fine print - they just collect the information and they won't respond to you.

    you should contact the merchant directly and ask.

    although they "pitch" that you're paid about the 20, the ACTUAL rule is "in a timely manner" (which of course means squat)

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