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    I have a question, most likely for Sarah at Linkshare...or anyone else who knows

    How do I get the average monthly sales for January and February? Is this based on the "sales and activity" report for 1/1 through 2/29 or is it based on the numbers posted in the "payment" reports for both months. Since linkshare cuts off months, for payment purposes, on day before each month end and includes the last day of the previous month I am unsure...I would guess others might not be certain either.

    Please advise us ASAP, so we may know our tier goals exactly.

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    Hi Survey Man -

    The promotion tiers are based on sales and activity reports. You can run a sales and activity report for 1/1 through 2/29
    and divide the total by two to get the average.


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    Averages are based on Transaction date reports, so even merchants (such as Mondera) who pay based on Process date are measured on Transaction date (the day of purchase as apposed to the day of shipping)


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    Thanks both of you, it was the whole transaction date verses posting date that we were not sure on!

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