Hello All!

Overstock.com has been running the Franck Muller Watch challenge for the last month and we are now moving into phase two of the promotion.

Here is how the promotion works.

For every Franck Muller Watch sold we are giving a bonus of $200. This is on top of the 7% commission on the watches.

Math Lesson:
Franck Muller Watch: $3000 (starting price)
Franck Muller Commission: $210 (7%)
Franck Muller Bonus: $200
Total Earned: $410

We are just about doubling all commissions on Franck Muller watches.

If you have a watch site, jewelry site, or have some great customers this is an easy way to make some extra money.

Also don't forget that these sales help you toward your Cha Ching in the Spring sales goals.

If you have any questions or want some creative (banners, emails etc) please email me.

Adam Barrett