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    January 17th, 2005
    Dear All

    We're very pleased to inform you that Western Union has been removed from the GRS (SAHS) and MMM (Ebates) software.

    While we appreciate that as a rule, WSO managed merchants terminate BHO Affiliates, the legal requirements from Western Union are that each non web based Affiliate, who signed up with Western Union prior to the change in our Terms and Conditions, be allowed to remove the targeting of Western Union from their software and do pure web/email based marketing.

    Those that fail (such as 180 and BuyersPort) are terminated. Those that renege or suffer from 'bugs' will be terminated. Affiliates paying to use the services of these companies to target our sites through software / applications will be terminated without notice.

    Western Union will not tolerate the targeting of it's Internet Domain or Affiliates' sites by software / application based Affiliates.

    Further Affiliates are being reviewed and sent emails requiring their cooperation. If you are not clear please do read the Terms and Conditions or contact me directly.

    Western Union invites all 'value added' Affiliates to join our program.

    Thank You and Best Regards.

    John Ward
    Western Union Affiliate Manager

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    January 18th, 2005
    Thanks, John!

    I appreciate your actions to ensure all your affiliates operate on a level playing field, with no one having an unfair advantage over the other.

    You'll be glad you took this step when this type of activity is outlawed - the reputation of your company will not be tarnished due to your affiliation with this type of dishonest activity.

    Thanks for doing the right thing for affiliate marketing!


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