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    Quick Question, What are some of the problems have had with Linkshare? I am thinking about being an affiliate and would like to know why, or why not I should be associated with them. 2ndly, I have noticed that some advertisers will only work with Linkshare, is that true? Or is there an option to get that same advertiser through another affiliate program like CJ?

    Thank you Guys!

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    If you decide to work with Linkshare, I think that you will not be allowed to work with a different network as well. Linkshare have an exclusivity clause. You better make sure though, as I am just going on what I have read on this forum
    So that is why you will see merchants in Linkshare that you won't see anywhere else. It isn't because they don't want to work with a different network, they just are not allowed to if they join up with Linkshare

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    LinkShare does have an exclusivity contract with their merchants or if you are familiar with CJ lingo - with the advertisers. This is only for merchants and does not apply to affiliates. Affiliates can work with as many networks as they want. Besides, most merchants (advertisers) only use one affiliate network program anyway so this isn't a big deal at all and should not even be considered an issue. The difference in LS merchants are they tend to be of a higher calibur. You have a lot of big guys on this network that could earn you some great sales.

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