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    Today I got a couple of very nice consumer emails from and, both just in time for Mother's Day. You probably know the ones I am referring to -- the ones that show samples of the products on sale with nice pictures.. like the one today was entitled, "Get FREE Shipping on hand-picked gifts for mom."

    It'd be great to turn these emails around and mail them out to MY newsletter subscribers with MY affiliate links embedded, but I can't ever seem to find these emails in the Create Links section of the respective affiliates.

    Are these same newsletters/emails not available to us as affiliates, or am I just missing something and not looking in the right places?



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    I think our merchants are too afraid of the new anti-spam law and can't trust us to do the right thing.

    In some networks I see what would be good content links to convert to email, but I can't figure out how. yet.

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    Hello all,

    I highly recommed you send our e-mails to your customer base if you have the capability. They convert extremely well and drive BIG sales. I have a handful of affiliates that send an Overstock e-mail each week and generate anywhere from $5 - $20K per pop. More importantly, their e-mails are all CAN-SPAM compliant. This is a great way to help hit your Overstock Cha Ching bonus.

    Let me know if you are interested.


    J.T. Stephens
    Affiliate Program Manager

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