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    Hello folks,

    I've browsed through CJ's FAQ topics and didn't see something related to pre-orders. I also skimmed through the "Guide To Payments" topic. So, my apologies if I've missed the answer to this somewhere.

    I'm just curious how pre-orders show up in CJ, if they show up at all? Or, does their system wait until the items are shipped before their sales show up in your stats?

    I realize, of course, that you wouldn't get credit for the sale until it shipped so it's very unlikely that anything would show up in your balance for it. That's why I'm asking; I'm wondering if anyone's making purchases through the pre-order links I have up. :-)

    Is there a report that I can run that will detail pre-orders?

    Thanks for your time all,

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    Sooo, do I just wait until the ship date for the item/s arrive, or is there a way to see?

    Still curious. :P


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    Hi Steph,

    The way that pre-orders are credited is related to the specific merchant and the sophistication of their back-end order processing. If they send their transactions in batches, they could be crediting the sale when it ships.

    At, we have several different types of pre-orderable products. Some can only be preordered for about 3 weeks and then disappear until they ship, so we don't list those products in CJ but still credit affiliates if a customer happens to buy them through another banner or product link. A couple other product types are shipped from different vendors and can be preordered until the day they ship, so those products are all listed in our datafeed(s). In all cases, we pay for the preordered product at the time that the customer places the pre-order. Then we just hope that too many people don't cancel their credit card between order time and ship time...

    In our account, there is no way to distinguish a preorder from an in-stock order in the CJ interface. All transactions have similar order numbers at this time.

    Other vendors may be similar, or totally different. There is no pre-order policy dictated from CJ (that I know of), other than making sure that any products sold on the merchant's site must be credited to the affiliate at some point. When in doubt, ask the merchant for their specific policy.

    Good luck.


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    Fascinating. Thank you much for the information.

    There was just a sale made so I done a search in the HTML for the link ID and noticed that it was for the pre-order banner of a movie.

    So, it seems like I do get credited with the sale just as your own system works.

    I'll have to be careful about spending much of the money made.

    Thanks for the time and response,


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