Hi All

I'm a strong believer in the fact that variety sells. And it has been diffilcult to date to do this with Mondera as it's one thing to develop dedicated tools but another thing to run competitors along side....but this is all about to change...

Starting June 1 : AMWSO (www.amwso.com) will be officially managing the running of UnionDiamond.com, brand new on LinkShare and with a selection of Diamonds, Diamond Jewelry and Wedding jewerly. This program is presently being tested and fitted out with FTP feeds, IPLs and new creatives. Phone tracking is in place and a test run carried out by some Affiliate Partners (Thank you ) have shown that it's working well. We invite you all to sign up and increase your variety of high end diamonds and jewelry. Great Diamond Commission, 90 Day Return Tracking...and obviously to be Parasite Free.

This will be followed on July 1st by Forzieri.com, selling brand name Italian products (clothes, bags and other products) and jewelry. Forzieri.com have actually been at LinkShare for 4 years. Premier Merchant, DRMs, IPL, Feeds, 90 Day Tracking are all in place, phone tracking to be worked on and by July 1 to be Parasite Free.

With Mondera, Union Diamiond and Forzeiri managed under one roof, you can expect to see tools coming out that support all three sites, allowing you to develop and deploy sites, feeds and sales tools that provide variety without the need to shop around for less supportive merchants.

You can also expect to see products from other merchants featured where we can, for example the watches from DriveWerks, glassware from KegWorks and plenty more.

We look forwards to working with you all and our new clients and powering forwards some serious luxury sales.

Feel free to post questions, ideas and requests so we can make sure you get the best tools we can provide.