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    Hi Everyone,

    This is my first post - a great forum by the way:

    It's true that CJ's tracking is never a problem?

    I was looking at my performance report for Yesterday 2 Jul 03 and to my surprised I found there were tracking errors in the report. Under the "All Web sites" revenue was $0, but further drilled down shown a number of sales and these sales were not reflected on the account balance neither. Does anyone encountered the same problem?


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    Welcome Pawn8, I', starting to get sick of cj. because they always seem to have tech issues and down all the time. There tracking I believe is quite suspicious, as I use other merchants and premote them the same way and seeing better results too. anyway I don't know, does people still do good with cj? I used to do very good until they got rid of the cj discussion board a while ago, but it's starting to do better now this month :0).

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