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    I've recently purchased the LinkShare merchansider feed. I just have a quick query about linking using this data.

    1: I am going to have multiple websites on various ip's, do I need to inform linkshare, or will the link URL convey all the information neccessary for tracking customers?

    2: I see the product_url field in the datafeed which obviously what I use to link to the merchant products. However I also see the pixel field, is this field purely for tracking, or is it required for me to register a hit/sale?



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    Hello Hamish,

    We require an IP address only to provide you FTP access to the Merchandiser files. The link URL
    in these files will track all of your information for the associated account. You may place the links on
    your multiple websites, but all activity will be consolidated in your single affiliate account. The pixel
    field is provided to track impression activity - it is not required for us to track click/sales information.
    Any other Merchandiser specific questions can also be directed to



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