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    I thought I'd share some of the results of the testing I have been doing with smartzones. I run a niche site and have been testing clickthroughs, purchases, etc. by rolling a variety of different banners into some smartzones and see which one works best. For this test I picked a banner which is highly relavant to my topic and picked some other general banners. Look at the following results based on a 6 month test and tell me which one of the banners relates to my site and which ones were general ones:

    LinkID Revenue Sales Clicks Impressions CTR
    53315 $0 0 2 5,664 0.000
    53316 $0 0 8 16,268 0.000
    53320 $29.87 5 243 65,046 0.004
    53321 $0 0 4 14,931 0.000
    53322 $0 0 5 14,618 0.000

    Conclusion: even though the CTR was poor on all of them, this shows the value of staying with your niche and not being too general. It also shows that smartzones can be used for analytical purposes.

    I'd like to hear other's thoughts on this.


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    January 18th, 2005
    I like them because you can bunch all of the text links into one. Therefore, they can read everything they have to say if they stay around that long. I have one smartzone text category for almost everyone. Although, I really do believe that if they would make semi-short paragraphs, like you do for ad copy, it would help alot more. I know they say they want us to say what we want so to speak, but it seems like when we do, we get negativity feedback. So, I'm sticking to what they have to say! Because, after all, it is their company and how they desire to be represented. But give a little bit more info, and creativity, and everyone would improve and do better I do believe, for right now it is kinda dull and stale.

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