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    Hi, I'm relatively new to all of this and so I have a few newbie'ish questions.

    I know that I can go into linkshare's linksynergy page and create links for each individual product by merchants.

    My question is this: On's site, it is easy to create a referral-based link by simply using the ASIN number of the product. However, how can I do that with any of the affiliates for linkshare? I know that each merchant has their OID #, and whe you create a link, it makes a link like:

    and the individual product is the segment that comes after the 56785. ... however, the item number at is E3ECC4, and the sku is 90136346, so i cannot seem to figure out how the system is generating these links.

    The reason I want to know is so that I can automatically generate the links via PHP/MySQL as the page loads. Is it possible to do that?


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    It's encrypted, there is no systematic way that you can use to do what you you are trying to do unless you use the deep linking system. Which allows you to link to direct deep pages of a merchannts site.

    See the link below for how to find and use that (and once done get an idea of how to create them outside LS)


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