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    At the following site you will find a list of merchants who participate in parasitic "scumware" advertising:

    These are the thieves stealing money from affiliates as well as from other more honest merchants. These are the people who will put an end to affiliate marketing altogether if you allow them to!

    You have worked hard in building and promoting your sites. Don't allow these people to steal your hard earned money, or to eventually put you out of business.

    If you have affiliate relationships with any of the merchants listed, it would be in your best interest to cancel that relationship. You can replace them with an ethical merchant. One who understands the concept of "fair play" and who is willing to operate within the boundaries of common moral decency.

    It's your business . . YOU built it . . YOU own it . . you have a choice whom you choose to do business with!

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    As I posted in your other thread (whatever the forum was ) with this information, if you or anyone else sees LS tracking popping in WhenU, then you need to provide the information to LS ASAP since they dropped WhenU from their program last year.

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