Relax The Back is excited to announce our new SuperStart program!! Our new program will be offered to all of our new affiliates.

Our new SuperStart program is designed to help affiliates ramp up and become successful with Relax The Back in their first 3 months.This is an opt-in program.

Here are the exciting details!

You will have six weeks to earn $100. in sales. When you successfully earn a minimum of $100. in sales you will receive an additional $15. BONUS in addition to your commission! You will then move on to your second month.

When you earn $300. in sales in your second month, you will receive a BONUS of $40. in addition to your commission and you will qualify to move onto your third month!

When you earn $500. in sales in your third month, you receive a BONUS of $60. in addition to your commission!

What do you need to do now? Once you have applied and been approved into our program through Linkshare, you will receive an email that you will need to respond to and let us know that you are opting into the program.

In the end, when you complete the whole program, you will have earned a minimum in $45. in commissions and $115. in BONUSES and you are on your way to an exciting partnership with Relax The Back!!

We look forward to joining you on this fun new program!!

Much Success,
Karen Geer
Relax The Back
Affiliate Team