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    I am a casual Delta affiliate and was surprised to observe the following:

    1) The Delta area within my LinkShare account lists "7 return days" (screenshot). The "Referral Fees" section of Delta's affiliate agreement also states a 7 day return period.

    2) Nonetheless, when I view my Non-Commissionable Sales Report at Linkshare (screenshot), the report repeatedly mentions that "4 Return Days Exceeded" -- as if the Delta rule for return days were 4 rather than 7.

    Can anyone help me understand what's going on? I worry I'm losing commissions here -- failing to receive commissions for legitimate sales made by customers between their 4th and 7th day after visiting my site and clicking thruogh one of my links to Delta. Of course it's hard for me to know which users made purchases on (say) the 5th day versus (say) the 8th -- both of which I'm perhaps currently not receiving credit for, but only the former of which entitles me to credit under Delta's rules. It's also hard for me to know how long this discrepancy has existed -- today is the first time I ever noticed it, but I've never thought about this problem before.

    I've previously written to Delta's affiliate manager (at the address provided in the LinkShare "Your Account" screen), about what I believe to be a straightforward question, but I got no response. So I figured this time I'd just ask the experts here...

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    "Return Days Exceeded" is reason code (4), not that the transaction was 4 days after the cookie was set, just like "Inactive Referral" is reason code (16) and "SKU Does not match" is reason code (13), etc.
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    Ben you'll find these major brand merchants have some hired gun AM firm or some intern at an Ad agency handling their program. Basic computer knowledge is not as important requirement for the AM job as being able to hold your booze at network functions. So I imagine your best resort is to pressure to handle the descrepency in return days. I think it was Dell or The Outpost who published 1 return day (whoopie) and for years the Non-Commissionable Sales Report still wacked sales after the single shopping session.
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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Haiko:
    "Return Days Exceeded" is reason code (4), not that the transaction was 4 days after the cookie was set ... <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Ah hah! Glad I asked here rather than bother Delta's affiliate manager...

    Interestingly I couldn't find this answer in LinkShare's "Help" section even now, even knowing exactly what I'm looking for. (I had read all of "Running Reports" before asking my question here, and I read it all again just now.) And since the only non-commissionable sales I've been getting are for this "return days exceeded" problem, I had no way to know that other errors also had numeric codes.

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    It would be nice if Linkshare also posted the "Event Date" like CJ does. At least you could tell when the cookie was set
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