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    As a percentage of sales from, how many are reversed (or whatever they call it) ? According to my stats they are going to be, by far, my best merchant this month... how many eggs can I count on? I think the average sale is about 450 dollars...


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    They are my best merchant this month to. According to CJ, they have about a 30% reversal rate.

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    For 3 months straight we did the music123 thing. We sold $4500 worth of merchandise, and got rewarded with a 96% return rate.

    We don't promote them any more. If we can produce that volume of sales, in my eyes, they have a duty to fullfil those orders.

    That's what we did for our first 3 months. If they are not going to honor those sales, then my talents and time are being wasted on them, and I choose to move someplace else. - Turns your search box into money.

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    Music123 are not particularly helpful, at all. They refuse to see the fautls in their current system and when you ask for their help, they don't want to know (I recently emailed them asking for a history of the items they sold, they said sure, I sent them the list of transaction numbers, and I haven't heard from them since). Unfortunately, even with this and the fact they reverse a fair chunk of all sales, it's still possible to make a profit from them. They know this, and they abuse this. It's up to you to decide whether you are willing to work with "bad" merchants if they are still profitable. For the moment I am, but when my overall profits reach the level when I can pick and choose merchants, they can kiss my a$$ goodbye.

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    They usually reverse at least 50% on me.

    I had Mars Music on one page for a few months as a trial, but they hardly showed any conversions. And now they are bankrupt!

    There's a lot of money to be made in a certain level of what could charitably be called "sub-prime" merchants--but Music123 is a bit tooo subprime for my tastes. WAY too many reversals!

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    Music123 has migrated our Affiliate Program from CJ to, where we can offer a 7-day cookie, commisions of up to 8% and data feeds for product links.
    In a market where our no hassle returns, 45 day price guaranty and satisfaction guaranty are neccessary in order to be competitive, and manufacturer's back-orders are common, there will always be some post-sale cancellations and returns (reversals).
    The differences in the structure of the programs will create fewer reversals as well as generating greater revenues for our affiliates.
    As the General Manager of our company, I am now personally overseeing our Affiliate Program. I welcome your questions at
    Thanks for reading this response.
    Jeff Cravetz

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