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    January 18th, 2005
    I just received this email from "Invalid" with the subject, "Account Questions." I do not use any kind of email marketing at all and use no adware on my site. This email is very disturbing with its thinly veiled threats and ambiguous nature. The fact that the email is so generic with no specific information about what I'm allegedly doing wrong is also disturbing. If anyone else has received such an email and understands its meaning, please explain it to me. Here it is:

    Dear Affiliate,

    You are currently registered as the contact person for an affiliate
    account with LinkShare.

    It has come to our attention that your account has been generating an
    unusually high volume of clicks, especially when compared with the
    number of actual conversions/orders generated by that volume.

    We are writing to alert you to this because we know from past experience

    that such activity can be caused by incorrect programming (such as a
    script that is recycling incorrectly), and would ask you to look into
    it. At the same time, we also know that such statistics may be an
    indication of aggressive online promotional tactics, such as use of
    adware or email campaigns, which, depending on how such tactics are
    employed, may or may not be condoned by the merchant partners with which

    you work and/or LinkShare.

    We trust that there is a satisfactory explanation for the activity which

    we have observed. Please provide us with an explanation of the click
    activity promptly. We would like to hear back from you by end of the
    day Friday. It is important that we know what methods you are using to
    distribute your merchant partners' links in order to answer their
    inquiries and, as appropriate, be able to work with you on improving
    your conversion rates. If we do not hear from you, please understand
    that we will be forced to refer your account to LinkShare's Compliance
    Team for consideration.

    Thank you in advance for your attention and cooperation.


    LinkShare Corporation

    A hope someone will be able to explain this to me. Thanks in advance.


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    first check the reporting for your account in LS. any unusual amount of clicks showing?

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    Here is my report total for this month:

    63,193 1,448 2.29% 4 6 (0) 0.28% $119.88 $30.19

    Here is my report total for June:

    141,209 3,586 2.54% 16 30 (0) 0.45% $680.86 $108.87

    Do these reports seem unusual enough to warrant a threatening letter from Linkshare? If so, please explain this to me so I will understand what exactly could be wrong, except for their merchants not converting well.

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    Just pick up the phone and inquire 1-888-742-7389 ext 222 or 1-800-875-5465 ext 267 Ronda from my rolodex.
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    Mike & Charlie,

    Thanks for the numbers to call. I had already sent a detailed email response quoting reports and asking for details of what transgressions they think I committed. Their reply to that detailed email was simply, "Thanks for taking the time to respond." At first, I thought it was an autoresponder but the message came two hours after I sent my email and there was no indication in that message that they would be responding to me further. It seemed conclusive.

    So, I called the first number you provided and spoke to a relatively rude person who just kept telling me that the message didn't come from her department, it was an automated response and that I would eventually get a real response within 24 hours or so, and there was no way she could connect me with the people responsible for the original email.

    If that was an automated message, instead of just saying, "Thanks for taking the time to respond," it should have mentioned that a real response would be forthcoming and when that could be expected. Anyway, we'll see what happens. Thanks again.


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    Could be that stupid little MSN bot.

    Does Linkshare report duplicate clicks? If so, then your reports might be filtering out the strange activity.

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    What was the reply address on the email please? Let me know and I'll find out for you who it came from at LinkShare (if at all) and who you can contact


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