Just a heads up for those of you with OutdoorSuperstore.com. They were discontinued a few days ago at LinkShare. I've been in email discussions with the president over the last couple of weeks regarding this and it seems they just did not make enough money to justify the cost at LS (as you may recall, they left CJ about 8 months ago - possibly for the same reason). Last I heard they were looking at something internally, but they evidently dropped the ball by letting their LS account expire before implementing the new program.

Frankly, I'm through with them. They had their chance and they screwed up. I have thousands of dead links at my site!!!

One note, however. The Affiliate Manager there was Sok Verdey and I have nothing but praise for him. Serveral weeks prior to OS dropping their affiliate program I worked very closely with him developing a dedicated site for OutdoorSuperstore products. He bent over backwards getting their datafeed up to date, designing site specific art work for me and recommending content. Due to the closure of their affiliate program, Sok has moved on to another program and I will let him announce that later. I wish all AM's had his enthusiasm and dedication. OutdoorSuperstore did not realize what an asset they had with him.