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    Not being a big fan of Linkshare, when I get an unsolicited invite from a Linkshare merchant or an affiliate development rep, I send an autoresponder that says:

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Hello,

    Our account is purposley listed as Inactive with Linkshare.

    The URL we provide Linkshare merchants,

    http://[removed url]

    says the following:

    Our Websites

    If you're a Linkshare Affiliate Development Rep - this blank page will show what we will do for you - nothing. Please honor our repeated requests and don't contact us.

    If you're a Linkshare merchant who wants to send us an unsolicited invitation to join your program, we're not interested - until you join a network that knows how to send a commission check from point A to point B.

    If you're a Linkshare merchant who we already partner with, and for some reason forgot our URLs, please email [deleted] for the list.

    So our obvious questions are:

    1. Why are you even contacting us?

    2. What part of our website - that you've NEVER SEEN - most impressed you that you felt compelled to write us (against our stated wishes) - and invite us to join your program?

    Those were rhetorical questions.

    Please do NOT respond.
    Please do NOT contact us again.
    Please REMOVE us from any contact list we're on.

    B Knoblach
    Linkshare ID=[removed] <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Occassionaly merchants forward this to Linkshare.

    Last month I rec'd an email from someone at Linkshare (who will remain nameless) asking me why I just don't opt out of the email list.

    I explained I still need the emails from my current merchants, (need the coupon updates, sale updates, etc) and Linkshare doesn't have the option of deleting just the spam invitations. Their only email preference choice is "all or none".

    While updating my site, I noticed all my coupons and sales for Linkshare merchants were expired and I haven't rec'd any email updates in about two weeks.

    On a whim I checked my email preferences setting. It had been changed to receive NO email from anyone.

    And I sure as hec didn't change it!

    Hmmm. Any guesses as to who has access to this setting other than myself??? My guess is it's an "inside job"!

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    I LOVE IT! What an excellent idea. You could respond and ask them exactly WHAT on your site they liked the best...see what they do then.


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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Andy:
    I LOVE IT! What an excellent idea. You could respond and ask them exactly WHAT on your site they liked the best...see what they do then.

    Andy <HR></BLOCKQUOTE> I don't blame you, I had a laptop computer sale, IBM, with an extra 15 month warranty, and it doesn't show up as a sale in the reports,when I contacted them, I got the standard answer:we have no record of this sale.Who is left to trust?My nickles worth

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