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    Is anyone else noticing a lot of new reversals for homevisions? They just reversed today a transaction on JUNE 3rd for the reason of invalid credit card. Wouldn't they have known before a month later of an invalid credit card? If this had just happened once I wouldn't care, but I'm starting to see a real discouraging trend with them.

    This month so far, 1 transaction and 2 reversals.

    Last month we had 4 reversals all for 'invalid cards' out of 14 transactions.

    No reversals in May (11 sales) or April (10 sales)

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    January 17th, 2005
    Is anyone else noticing a lot of new reversals for homevisions?

    Nope, not here . I just hope it stays that way , now you've got me worried .

    Although conversions have dropped since January , the reversals have been very few , like around 2 out of every 100 sales .

    Sales have seemed to "perk up" again for them as well since the 1st.

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    As I mentioned in this thread...

    11 Reversals from Homevisions so far this month, ALL "Invalid Credit Cards". I don't know what the deal is, but I hope this trend stops!!


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    Whenever this is happening to you with a merchant, just hop over to BizRate and check out the latest customer rants.

    There's alot of of negative customer feedback for HomeVisions, and most of it surrounds timely delivery. Customers aren't going to wait a month or longer for their orders...especially when they're being told it will ship in 1-3 days, what have you.

    All these reversals aren't declined credit cards. If they are, it is because the dissatified customers, after waiting ungodly amounts of time, are contacting their credit card companies and informing them of charges for products they never received.

    Some beauties:

    "I am concerned that HomeVisions isn't aware of when their products go out."

    "I cancelled the order after a few days because I was told that it would not be delivered until a month later even though it was in stock."

    "When I ordered, product was available and ready to ship, I received notice order was in transit. Then well over a week later I received a phone call message that product was not available."

    "This was the first time I ever tried to order from this company and they cancelled my order."

    "The wrong item was sent to me. The item I received was supposed to be shipped and billed to a woman in Maryland, I live in Minnesota. A Sears catalog was in the box I received; it had the same item for 50% less than HomeVision's price."

    Goodbye HomeVisions

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    First, I haven't seen a lot of reversals from there.

    Second--aside from there being something DRASTICALLY WRONG with the picture of using a competitor's ratings for a decision on promoting a merchant--HomeVisions has an 80% approval rate for the week there, and 78% over the past month. Keeping in mind that people who are p*ssed are more likely to post, I'd say that's not too awful on the customer satisfaction front.

    As for BizRate in general, BAH! Some merchants listed there can show a dropoff in conversions that it'd take 10 parasites to equal--because once customers see that Wretched Name, off they go to look at the ratings...and then they click THEIR ()^*(% link to get back to the merchant site!

    That's great for B*zR*te but it's no good for me...

    ~Revenue is King

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    Ever get the feeling you're being followed around in these forums?

    The sky is blue. Wait, maybe from space it's not.

    Anyway, I don't know anything about BizRate other than I read customer comments there.

    Sorry terrymc, guess you'll have to rename the thread "BizRate, who likes em".

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