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    January 17th, 2005
    long time visitor, first time poster. (well not quite, I was a fairly prolific poster here a year or so ago, but managed to lose my password) Anyhow.

    I did a search for it, and didn't bring up any results, so perhaps the problem is only affecting me...

    All the links I build through Linkshare for Cuddledown go to error 404 pages. I have emailed both cuddledown and the good people at Linkshare, but unfortunately they responded in typical fashion, by not bothering to respond at all. Good work.

    So anyhow, has anyone else encountered this problem? All my other linkshare merchant links appear to be working perfectly well, and going by sales, it appears cuddledown links died within the first week of this month.

    Any ideas? I have moved the links to another Linkshare merchant who is taking up some of the sales slack, but cuddledown would be best, if their site would friggin' work.

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    January 17th, 2005
    My links are down as well.

    I emailed the affilliate manager this morning but have not heard back from her. Generally she is very responsive.

    I also told her about this forum and suggested that she let us all know what is going on.

    Cuddledown changed its site recently and that is usually the cause of these kinds of problems.


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