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    Will all the negative press parasites are getting lately, it seems one would want to distance themselves from them. If it hasn't happened already, how will you explain to a merchant that an "approved" affiliate is doing driveby installs or infecting people's PCs? If the plan is to keep allowing parasites, I hope you can give a good explanation to that Wal-Mart or executive why these thieves are associated with their brand name-a brand they work very hard establishing and spend millions on it.

    I'm not picking on LS, they're my biggest network right now but, when I read the article below, I couldn't help but think about 2 Titanium Award winners being scumware peddlers - all the while promoting LS merchants. As more and more people are aware of these parasites, anyone associated with them will suffer (in case you don't see this coming). Why won't most merchants work with porn sites but still work with parasites? At least some people like porn, how many like this spyware on their PC? Food for thought.

    "EarthLink finds spyware running amok

    The average Internet-enabled PC hosts 26 spyware programs, according to an audit by EarthLink.

    The Internet service provider worked with security company Webroot's software to scan consumer PCs, surveying more than 3 million systems between January and September. The study found 83 million instances of spyware, a sign of increasing bombardment by malicious software."

    How many of these are affiliates of the top networks?
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    Xandman what's just as alarming is the latest out from Earthlink/Webroot that I posted yesterday

    78% of those 83.4M detections were cookies! Actual adware accounted for 21% of the detections. How many of those "adware" cookies were Network cookies? How prominent of a role do these adware applications invoking affiliate tracking like crazy and pervasive use of forced clicks on domains play in spyware removal applications targeting and removing affiliate tracking cookies and labeling the cookies themselves as adware and spyware?

    *All* affiliates are taking the hit with their tracking cookies getting wiped out. And of course this isn't just a LS issue.

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