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    Hi all, just got this in my email. How stupid is this?

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>
    Hello Valued Affiliate,

    If you do not pull your feeds every day, you may have noticed that your feeds have not updated since your last download. This is not a system problem; it is due to the new update process initiated to reserve our resources.

    Previously the most recent feeds were added to your account each morning, regardless of your download activity. This caused a large strain on our internal resources since not everyone can access their FTP account daily. Our newly implemented process will only push a new file when the preceding feed has been downloaded.

    For example, if you download a feed on January 1, the next day a file for January 2 will post. If the January 2 file is not downloaded, it will remain in your account until the next download. Please do not hesitate to contact me if the file is not updated once the previous file has been accessed. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    The way I read this is that it you only update any less than once a day, then your data is going to be constantly out of date.

    Genius. Pure genius behind this decision.

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    I think it is a smart move from linkshare to save their resources.

    There are many publishers who do not download the data feed every day. They often download the data feed once a week or may be once a month.

    In this process Linkshare will not process a new file unless you download the old file.


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    This is realy crazy.

    I update ALL my affiliate data once a week like clockwork. If I did not compensate for this change then my 'fresh' linkshare data would always be 6 days out of whack and and my live data could be up to 13 days old.

    So if I update on thursday, I will need my system to pull on Wed to trigger the update. Then on Thursday I can download fresh data.

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    If they don't want to push the feed everyday, then push it once a week or once a month or only when the MERCHANT has actual updates, but don't wait for me to download to update!!! The point of downloading is to get the latest update!!! This is flawed logic. Like noted above, I would have to log in and download, then go BACK the next day to actually get an up to date feed. No way.
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    I update all my feeds every time a new file is available, so this doesn't affect me. I do have to agree that this is absolutely stupid.

    Lots of examples of how this will cause problems:

    1) Someone signs up for a datafeed but doesn't start using it for six months. The datafeed they download will be SIX MONTHS old.

    2) Someone downloads and updates datafeeds weekly. Instead of getting fresh data, they'll get six day old data.

    3) Affiliates figure this out and start downloading all of their datafeeds every day. Now Linkshare has to generate all the files AND use up the bandwidth.

    Instead of implementing asinine solutions, Linkshare just needs to fix the problems. As much as they charge BOTH AFFILIATES AND MERCHANTS for the datafeeds, they should be able to handle the processing required.

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    Well, I downloaded all the feeds yesterday and today they are not updated - not one. There are however a bunch of weird 0k .lmp files in the directory. Looks like their update process is not perfected yet, er broke.

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