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    I am a REAL IGNORANT newbie! Not just a regular newbie. Can anyone please tell me whether LS will cut me off if after some number of months my site does not produce sales up to LS standard? I hope not. My site is new, about 800 pages and I do like LS, but I only have a Google PR3, trhing now to get a PR4, so my site is still FAR from page one for its keywords. Any information is appreciated. Thank you so muchl

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    Carolyn, you're safe. LinkShare doesn't have a cutoff for traffic. And they have too many problems right now with their affiliates to drive away a few more.

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    January 17th, 2005
    Thank you so very much, Zeus. I will concentrate on LS links and feel safe doing so. Thanks again!

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    Some times ignorant merhants will purge small affiliates (the definition of "small" being up for grabs). This happens sporadically on all networks. It generally has something with marketers having too much spare time, or they might read a book by Tom Peters and feel that they need to stomp on the heads of the little people.

    Personally, I think it is the medium and large producing affiliates that merchants need to watch out for. When whatever dot com seems to be producing a large number of sales, the merchant needs to investigate...and stomp on heads if they affiliate has dipped their fingers into the bag parasitic tricks.

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    Merchants can filter sign ups based on traffic , LS doesn't.

    Often if you get auto rejected it'll be due to an auto filter on traffic / unique visits


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