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    I've been using CJ for a while now and recently signed up for LS.
    IF I promote the same merchant on two websites do I require two accounts, one for each website?

    I understand that LS won't consolidate commissions (weird). Is this to mean that I'd receive one check per merchant per website, or just one per merchant?


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    Hi Sven

    You will get one per merchant.

    You can however set up seperate tracking and reporting for each site.

    In the "MY ACCOUNT" section of LS you can add new sites to your account, then when creating links you can select the site you want to create links for and create seperate tracking for each one for each merchant. Then under reports you will be able to create reports based on each site.

    It isn't required but for anyone who wants to really drill down into the stats it certainly adds great value.


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    As for CJ, you don't need multiple accounts either. Go to the "account" tab and add new sites whenever you need to. When you go into the interface to retrieve links, there is a drop-down box to select which site the link is for. A different "PID" will be assigned to each site.

    You don't really need to set it up for multiple sites, but it's a great help for keeping track of which sites the sale came from.

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