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    At the log in page for LinkShare, I noticed the "Executive White Paper by Aberdeen Group" at This Link . I opened it and read a bit. I found this quote on p.17 interesting:

    "affiliates such as Ebates and Schoolpop also create a very loyal repeat customer base. In doing so, they offer a novel means to generate customer intelligence and other valuable insights into emerging customer preferences."
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    Now you have to admit that you can't argue with this bit

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR> ...means to generate customer intelligence and other valuable insights into emerging customer preferences <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Because they capture the purchase history, habits, purchase value of their customers, rebate habits, rebate kick in points, across a huge number of merchants... they know more about a merchants customers.... than the merchant does.... :eek


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    Typical well done and well researched Aberdeen paper...from an outsider looking in approach.

    Notice they picked up on my mantra that develops real measurable results for any merchants affiliate enabled program. Make the AM wear the sales managers cap...not the damn Advertising marketers cap. One is a salaried whimp with the EyeBall mentality of a Adwhore intern. The other earns his daily keep by a forced management dictate he drive sales through focused affiliate targeting.

    © 2003 Aberdeen Group, Inc. Page 9

    “In the old days there were sites with three or four people running the merchant affiliate programs, but then we saw a reversal. At many organizations today, one person manages affiliates, and that person is very autonomous. They are able to make decisions without reper-cussions, and a lot do not have experience. I am often surprised by the decision making that fosters this environment.”
    Kelly Scurry, who heads a three-person affiliate marketing team at The Sharper Image, reflected on the aforementioned best practices: “Some companies do under-dedicate resources to affiliate marketing. But it resides very high up in our overall marketing mix. We are very ROI driven, and affiliate marketing is the low-hanging fruit [because it is] easy to manage and has a big payoff. The program is always a part of our executive meetings.”

    Managing evolving affiliate marketing relationships is not easy, but the upside is typically well worth the investment, especially when the investment is executed by the proper personnel. Consider this statement from an affiliate on the ABestWeb affiliate marketing discussion forum: “My vote for an AM [affiliate manager] would be one that reports to the sales department ... not advertising.”

    Three folks here at ABW shoved that trueism up the networks advertising mindset butts making them sit up and take notice. TigerDirect's Andy Rodreguez -Overstocks Shawn Swegman -Essencal Apparel's -Akiva. They wore the sales managers cap and demand management give them authority to drive sales, not branding, from their sales force by making high conversion ratios rule the creative linking tool selections. They helped affiliates focus traffic to what sold best!

    Nice quote for my tagline.."This White Paper intends to accomplish just that — to boost the visibility and value-add of the affiliate mar-keting space at the senior levels of all selling organizations. But both by position-ing affiliates as sales agents in a digital commerce network and explaining why the emerging affiliate sales tier is worthy of more management attention, it is also framing a broader issue.
    Simply put, the customer is in charge. If organizations do not understand and ap-preciate this reality, they are placing their firms’ future at risk. To serve and retain today’s customer, silos that exist both within the marketing team and between marketing and sales teams need to be broken down — sooner rather than later. Push models need to incorporate more interactive aspects, and many need to be replaced outright. Models that can pull in the customer and can align product de-velopment with the dynamics of real customer demand are the future."
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    yup. had a similar discussion in the CJ forum when it was revealed some of their reps offered parasitic programs as options.

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