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    I got an email from a merchant yesterday with their holiday offers and banners. The thing is, they booted me from their program months ago when they were "cleaning house" of non-converting affiliates.

    Gotta love merhants that can't keep track of the important things... you know, like WHO is in their program
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    ColdwaterCreek? I got it also
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    Same here, booted but wanting me to put up some links, lol.

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    I'm pretty ticked off with merchants emailing "holiday" banners and specials NOW anyways, my sites were "set" for the holidays in Oct and getting emails the day before Thanksgiving for Friday and Weekend sales was particularly annoying. They leave work for the weekend and expect us to spend all night adding their late great offer?

    Are online merchants so naive that they didn't set up their promotion schedules in Sept and Oct? We should have had everything ready waaaay before now.

    SOME of the emails are timely and have information I can use, but 99% of all merchant emails are hitting the trash these days. And to the merchant that posted somewhere around here "better late than never" you may as well have picked never. Start sending me your after holiday promotions, so I can add pages that will have value after Dec 20th if you are going to send me anything at this point.
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