Number one: there are no photos unless you click on the little "x" then you see the photo. However, more than a few times the photo is INCORRECT. For example, search for "damask tablecloth" and see the hanging fish ornaments. Ask for "lace tablecloth" and you can get the patio table, sans cloth. I was finally able to get ONE lace tablecloth. It looks to me like Amos has a saboteur on board. For almost every photo, I have to click on the "x" and then see the photo. Web visitors WANT TO SEE THE PHOTOS, not an "x". Amos (I guess his name is Amos) has some very excellent products and it was EASY while he was with CJ, but now it is a nightmare. At least now maybe someone will tell him. He is paying someone to do the work and this employee is obviously very unhappy. Oh well, I only use LS when I HAVE TO in order to find a niche item.