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    January 17th, 2005
    I am new to LinkShare and data feeds. I was looking for various data feed solutions. I have read about BuyItBomb. Unfortunately, it only seems to have listed one of the many LinkShare Networks.

    I would like to set my website up to accept the data feeds from the LinkShare affiliate systems. In addition, I would like to be able to have my website searchable and do price comparison, say between and another linkshare affiliate.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on scripts and/or software?

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    January 18th, 2005
    Hi HH

    ULtimately if you buy a script or package you are buying something that other people already have and use, your site will not be unique or remarkable and will therefore offer nothing that would make it interesting for consumers to visit.

    You should look at what you can do that will be custom and how you can differentiate yourself from all the other comparison sites that are available.

    Datafeeds come in many formats, the LinkShare Merchandiser Feed provides a range of feeds in a standardized format, however there are plenty of Merchants that don't use the LS Merchandiser that you'll need to implement so you'll need to look at how to harmonize the data effectively


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