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    Just got a new PC with a new version of Internet Security software. With the ad blocker on, OMG LinkShare links appear to be completely blocked (as do Performics). The new CJ URLs look just fine and CJ sales are higher now than in December, whereas sales through LS are the lowest ever.

    Has anyone else noticed this? This would seem to be more of a threat than parasites and cookie stuffers. When will something be done to combat this? With the ad blocker software module on, the login to LS doesn't even show up..

    The sales drop could just be coincidence but even if it is, this looks like a very critical issue that needs to be addressed. It's not like this will just affect affiliates either, since the links don't show, the sales just aren't going to flow through the sites and merchants will potentially get hit as well.

    If you are doing any CPC straight to the merchant on Google you're going to have to pay more per click since your LinkShare links probably get impressions but it is not possible to click on them...

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    Do a search here and you'll find all kinds of topics about that..

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