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    Orbitz has raised their ticketing fee for airline tickets from $6 to $6.99 per ticket. This is the highest of all of the online travel agencies.

    It went into effect on 1/1/05 and has definitely had an impact on my Orbitz airline ticket sales. My site has only sold 4 airline tickets this year and one of those was my own booking.

    Are other Orbitz affiliates seeing a severe decline in their Orbitz airline ticket sales since the 1st of this year?

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    I use Orbitz to research prices, but seldom buy through them. Not only do they have a booking fee, but I've also found that their prices are sometimes higher than when you go directly to the site. In my case, it was a hotel I was booking. It was $10 higher through Orbitz (not including their booking fee).

    I'm probably not a typical consumer, though. Most probably book anyway, just due to the convenience.
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    You're absolutely right, Michael; however, this is not limited to Orbitz. All of the travel agency websites have rates that are higher than booking directly through the hotel's website. They also all have some rates that are lower than the hotel's website as well.

    With all of the major hotel brands now having best price guarantees on their own website, finding better deals on the travel agency websites are becoming more rare, but there are still some out there and that's why it's important to thoroughly research as much as you can.

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    Hi all,

    My mistake that I didn't communicate this earlier, it will go out in this week's newsletter. You should have heard it from me first. Quite embarassing to have been caught offguard! However, I will remedy that with this week's newsletter. I was a bit consumed by another matter...good news this time...that you will hear about shortly. (Ms. B, any help here would be appreciated!)

    To the matter at hand, Orbitz raised its service fee (on air only) by $.99 in order to continue offering consumers more value with the industry's only low fare promise and customer care program. If you guys haven't booked through Orbitz before, the customer care program is pretty amazing. A team of people monitors the travel landscape and proactively alerts travelers to delays, gate changes or cancellations. I had a 6am flight once, and I got a wakeup call at 4am. (There's no way for the system to know I was an employee.) Also, when the hurricanes hit Florida awhile back, there was a whole team of folks that were rebooking Orbitz passengers away from cancelled flights, even before the passenger called in. There's also that low fare promise, which gives a $50 coupon back to the customer if a customer finds a published airfare online for the same airline and flight reservation that is at least $5 less.

    So, while I'm personally sorry that neither Orbitz nor I didn't quite "prep" its consumer (and affiliate) base with the increase, I can see the business reasons behind it. I've got numbers to hit too, and I'm watching the conversion rate. Overall, we've seen a 0.01% dip, but I think it's seasonal.


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    Any Orbitz affiliates reading this? Could you let us know how your Orbitz airline ticket sales have been so far this month?

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