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    i'm new to linkshare and wondering how long it takes them to send checks? i haven't received november or december checks for any programs, such as walmart or orbitz. has anyone else received theirs?


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    I've received some November checks for Linkshare merchants. It's too early for December Linkshare checks.

    There are really two issues with Linkshare:

    1) Some merchants take quite a while to pay. The quickest merchants pay early enough that you typically get the checks about 3-4 weeks into the following month. The slowest merchants take about 3 months.

    2) Linkshare has some major delays in the payment process. It takes at least a week after the end of the month before merchants can even SEE their vouchers to review what is due. Then, they have to send their payment to Linkshare. Then, Linkshare takes at least 3-5 days to process checks. Then it typically takes another day or two before they get the checks to the post office. All together, Linkshare accounts for about 3 weeks worth of delays.

    You can look at the Merchant Payment History and Payment Report in Your Account on Linkshare for specifics.

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