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    January 17th, 2005
    Hi, can anyone please give me a heads up on which merchants are the top performers in this network.

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    Hi Jim

    The thing about this game is you could ask 20 people and get 20 diferent answers. What sells well for one site might not sell at all for another.

    Your best bet is think about what your visitors will be looking for and sell those products.

    Take care

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    January 17th, 2005
    Also, top performing merchants can vary be season, or even randomly. What did well for me 6 months ago, may not sell at all right now. There are many types of sites, and many types of merchants. Build a few sites, experiment, and learn from your mistakes.


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    Jim, you are a testimony of how wrong CJ and alot of merchants are in thinking EPC will be an affiliate's guide to who are top merchants.

    The CJ network is riddled with ironies...high EPC merchants everyone complains about, lower EPC merchants with incredible conversions.

    A merchant will convert well for a particular affiliate for awhile and then stop dead cold for no apparent reason. A very simular merchant is then used as a replacement and great conversions are then enjoyed for months.

    We never end in sizing up merchants, and they definitely never cease in sizing us up.

    I'll sign up a replacement merchant and get steady day they start reversing sales here and there as invalid credit cards...I e-mail them that it is extremely rare that any of my merchants get bad credit cards...and of course the kicker... when I explain that I chose them because my previous merchant stopped reporting sales.

    Then I never see another invalid credit card reversal again from that merchant...very rarily a reversal whatsoever.

    You just slap some merchants up that look legit and see what they do. I am surprised quite often with merchants I initually have doubts about, and then they become some of my top converting merchants.

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