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    My "Next Payment" in "Payment Status" just went down. On a Sunday??? Who's working at Santa Barbara? Do they have ghosts running the payment department?
    Now, my "Next Payment" seems more in line with what I'm going to get. But I was happy for a while with a few $1000 more.
    I still don't trust that 100% and I still don't know how the calculation is done exactly but like they said:
    "This calculation is for planning purposes only; your actual payment may vary"

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    Yesterday, my "next payment calculation was $960.00 Today it is $ 355.49 Huh?

    There were no reversals registered between yesterday and today. No change. So why the discrepancy in the payment calculation? And such a HUGE discrepancy too.

    I was also surprised to see the change on a Sunday. I hope this is a fluke. If my commission is really $355, I don't know what I'm going to do.

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    The difference is that up until yesterday the estimated payout included commissions earned in July. CJ's payment processing system that locks all transactions for the PREVIOUS month at 12:00AM on the 11th, is set to run on the 13th (on the 12th, performance incentives are calculated) to tabulate actual payment amounts (based on the previous month's LOCKED txns) and get them into the queue for payment. And yes, CJ's system is automated. No gerbils

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    Thank you Akiva.

    So today's amount is the actual commission amount....

    I'm going to be sick..

    I knew the actual amount wasn't going to be $900+, but I didn't realise the reversals were so bad. Besides, I had several extended commissions locked (in black, not red) so I thought for sure I'd be getting a bigger check this month. Instead it looks like I'm going backwards...

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