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    Take off eh?
    It's a three part suggestion.
    It goes something like this ...

    Part the First: Get
    Part the Second: A
    Part the Third: Clue

    Grrrrrrr .... And it's not just CJ merchants, but they have this really annoying form statement ...

    1. United States Based Individuals and Entities Only. Affiliate represents and warrants that Affiliate is based in the United States. Any Affiliate which is not based in the United States is ineligible to be an affiliate of Merchant.

    That drives me BATTY!!!!

    Here merchant merchant merchant ... here merchy ...

    And the REEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAALLLLLYYYYYY annoying thing is when you get emails from a company ... we would be a great fit...come join us ... love us .... and THEN you get that message when you try to do just that.

    (yes I know this has been covered before but I had to bring it up again cause ... well ... I had to vent ok. ahem ... thank you for your time we now return you to more important issues.)

    Game on!!!!

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    Stupidity never dies.

    carneol :)

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    Take off eh?
    And then there are the good ones.
    With no call, no prodding, no comments whatsoever and completely out of the blue I get this email today from an AM of a program that declined me ...

    Thank you for your interest in our site. It was set up to reject any non US
    applications, i apologize. I have since changed the setting.

    If you still are interested, we would love to have you join our network.

    It's a little thing but it makes me happy
    Other people champion great and majestic causes like Parasites, Health Care and so on.
    I champion the little things: International Affiliatism & Feeds for Affiliates

    Game on!!!! - The DawgFather

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