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    What the heck, open up a thread about the games that merchants play.

    I'll give an example, and everyone else can share their experiences.

    Merchant A gets their links pulled by me for not reporting sales for quite some time.

    I replace Merchant A with their competition, Merchant B. Merchant B, that has the same products and very simular prices begins reporting steady daily sales immediately after.

    Within a week or so Merchant A sees what I did in replacing them, and then starts reporting sales (sales due to a convenient 120 day unlimited actions cookie they have elected).

    Merchant A also has the uncanny ability to know when Merchant B is having a slow day, and knows this is the day to have these sales reported...a subtle message to reconsider putting their links back up.

    Merchant A also is very generous to post commission amounts known to be significantly higher than the average commission of Merchant B.

    So, I have to sit and figure the estimated total commissions Merchant A has not reported in the past (ripped me off for), and wait up to their cookie's 120 day duration for a total simular elected amount posted to my account to feel justly compensated for.

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    Breaking news. What a coincidence. I just check my CJ stats and Merchant A has posted a bonus to my account.

    A bonus!!! For an affiliate that took their links down for not reporting sales over a month ago.

    The posted sale earlier today for Merchant A didn't do the job...for I still didn't put their links back they thought a bonus might do the job!

    Two bonuses in one day. Whatever fast food joints shall I blow the money on now?

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    I don't know the merchants, but there are several merchant programs operated/controled by one company (usually independent marketing company).


    If you can't move things, try harder!

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    I know merchant A. Don't ever give them a second chance. They have already prooved they can't be trusted.

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