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    January 17th, 2005

    Anyone who can recommend a merchant
    selling anti-spyware software ?

    I would very much prefer software, that
    is neither installing additional crap on
    the users machine (like dlls in the system folders
    etc) nor messing with the registry (except for
    spyware removal of course).

    Some simple well done product, that does
    what it says: Remove Spyware.

    I would only recommend something to my visitors
    that I would use on my own, you know.

    Something like this out there?
    Anyone who had success with this kind of
    merchant ?

    Thank you,

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    January 17th, 2005
    Aluria's Spyware Eliminator is the way to go. They offer a 50% commission also!

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    January 17th, 2005
    Ok, thanx. I tested the Aluria-Demo now, but it made a rather dubious impression on me.

    Looks like this thing is written in Visual Basic. Not that I'm not tolerant when it comes to languages, but generally VB programmers have no clue what they do. So personally (!), I would not trust Visual Basic programmers, when it comes to security software.

    The software messed with the registry a lot, changed one file in the windows-system dir and inserted one new file. After uninstalling, the added file (some GUI-ActiveX, I guess) was removed. The changed file remained changed. Lots of Aluria stuff left in the registry even after uninstalling it.

    Much more serious then the above, is that Alluria found 4 Ă*nstances of spyware on my machine. And it's very very unlikely that this machine is contaminated with software I don't know about.

    You do not get details about the found spyware in the demo, so I was not able to find out, why Alluria thinks there is spyware on my machine.

    However, it reported these things:

    Cydoor (2 times)
    Probot Activity Monitor (which is a stealth-keylogger...)

    It is very very unlikely that software by one of these companies is actually running on this machine. I know, windows comes with Alexa keys in the registry but there is no communication with alexa by default. You have to trigger it manually when using IE.

    Why Cydoor was reported is beyond me. I do not run any software that is associated with Cydoor. In fact, on this machine, there's almost only Microsoft standard software installed and the connection to the internet is monitored.

    The keylogger sounds scary :-)
    What ? Someone is logging my keystrokes ?
    Very very unlikely.
    I'm not going to buy Aluria to find out why it tells me this thing is running. It's almost impossible that this holds true.

    I did not push the "remove spyware" button (not sure if it is functional in the demo anyway) but I would like to know what this progg would have done to my system removing four instances of spyware that are probably not there.

    Ok, this was my review. I'm still looking for some anti-spyware software to promote on a high-traffic site.

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    Hi yobb,
    I just came across this post and wanted to see if you've actually tried our software yet. If you want a functional copy just email me and I'll send it. If the scanner finds it, it's there.


    Jamie Garrison
    Aluria Software, LLC

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    7,503 yobb post directly above yours. It sounds like he has tried your software. Snap (aka Ken) asked him about it originally. Also, I would hope he has found a solution in the 8 months since his(her) last post???

    I smell

    It's Your Money. You earned it. What are you going to do to make sure you get to keep it?

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    Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

    Bringing a thread back from the dead where your own employee spammed under false pretenses.

    WTG, Jamie!

    One more post and you may succeed in alienating that entire 75%!

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    aka Cyclone

    Get while the getting's good

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