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    For a couple of weeks or so now I haven't been able to accept any new terms offered in the popup window. I click the accept button but nothing happens. This is with every merchant that offers any new terms. The button moves just like it knows it has been clicked but don't ever do anything, just sits there looking stupid.

    Is anyone else having this problem or is it just me. I've emailed CJ and filled out the ask questions form several times with the same response as the "accept" button gets me.

    If your listening Todd how about telling someone to fix the problems mentioned in message 030720-000023 within 72 normal business hours, Forget the response, just fix the link problem.

    Thank You

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    Have you been selecting the check boxes?

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    6:11 pm 7-20-03
    Got this by email:

    "Dear Kenneth:

    As a test, I just went into your account and accepted the pending offer from PosterNow, and that worked fine. Are you having trouble with a particular advertiser or in general? In either case, what happens when you check the box next to the advertiser's name in pending offers and accept that? There should be a pop-up that says that you have accepted it. Does that not turn up? Do you have a pop-up stopper that could be blocking use of the accept button?


    Problem is now solved, I did have a popup stopper called "Pop This", I uninstalled it, went to CJ and presto wallo bingo! Thats amazing how all the other cj popup windows seemed to work (I guess) but not that one.

    I hate popups! I have a lot of websites and none have any popups (except for one which I dearly love which don't bother anybody). Wonder why I can make websites without popups but CJ can't seem to be able to function without them. I'm still waiting (again) to see if CJ will allow me to use my popup with their links like ClickBank does. If not, I will have to replace several hundred CJ merchants with several hundred ClickBank merchants which I would really rather not have to do. More time will tell.

    BTW, I'm the "advertiser", I do the advertising, I advertise the merchants on my websites, the "merchant" is the publisher, they are the ones that publish the banners and links. Someone needs to take a look at their terminology and try to hold down on the redefining of words!

    Anyway, I appreciate the quick response from CJ after this last request.

    Also appreciate this forum very much for being here!!!

    Thank You,

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