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    I found the following new newsgroup postings today:

    Q: "I keep being redirected to pages i have not clicked on the link for. In the bottom status bar, it comes up with .....'qksrv'.....etc. I am then redirected to an advertising page linked to my original selection. I have deleted all cookies etc, and Norton Anti-Virus shows nothing. It is driving me mad....Please help...All suggestions gratefully received...."

    A: "Generally, what you have encountered is not Spyware/Hijackware. Your re-directs are likely caused by an in-the-wild Spyware hijacker."


    These particular sources that these messages are coming from are stating that this isn't an isolated case...but that others are increasingly complaining of the problem.

    We all know that CJ cookies don't have anything to do with this...and my hunch is that some CJ affiliate has created something to make most of the "tricks for clicks" tactics out there look like childplay.

    Hoping for a response from CJ.

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    More and more people will be sinking to very undesirable etchics in order to compete and beat someone out of a buck!

    The networks will see more and more of these types of actions as they openly embrace and promote the many unethical parties who have been caught red handed in unethical practices but line their pockets with cash!

    Consumer and affiliate frustrations will only continue to rise.

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    I did some searching and came up with this - tons of references to Morpheus - here's one:

    Just a few weeks ago Morpheus released their newest edition dubbed “preview addition 1". However, it seems this latest version has reverted back to using “spyware” as a new invasive, unseen, little beast silently takes hold of one’s IE browser. What is now happening is that when one types the name of most common shopping websites, such as or, your browser recognizes this call and rather than moving directly to that page it calls a separate URL first. Examples are as follows when I type in the bold URL it goes to the non bolded URL first:

    Well this is a rather simple item. First off I had to track down exactly what was causing the redirects. This was most certainly not an easy task. After searching a number of message boards, most notably the ones from the German anti-spyware site's forums as well as [H]ardOCP's I was able to track it down to a simple .dll file. This file as the board points out is called bpboh.dll and is placed in one’s C:/windows and interacts with Internet Explorer 6.0 (I did not test any earlier versions of IE, and all versions of Netscape are unaffected) in such a way as to cause redirects first to referral sites than to the appropriate website.

    Now while it’s not really as bad as some of the spyware that some people have been encountering lately it’s more the principle of the matter and that there is NO way to get rid of it without deleting the .dll file itself. Reinstallations of IE proved no effect, and it does not come off after one uninstalls Morpheus either. If you don’t delete this .dll or reformat your computer. You most likely will never get rid of this. It’s sad to think of the millions of people who probably won’t even notice the referral link and sheepishly generate millions for whomever is behind this little scheme.

    3/19/2002: Ad-ware has been updated to search and destroy the .dll file and all references to it in the registry with a new reference file update. This method of removal may prove easier for some.

    Rest of the article here:

    If the Morpheus thing above is old news then I'm sure some new player figured out how to do it.
    The easiest fix is to have someone give you the qksv link - call CJ or use AAQ and report it. Or give it to me and I may have a way to track down who it is.

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    Everyone knows Morpheus is adware, and part of being adware, besides the pop ups galore, is the commissionable redirection on merchants links. They are not doing anything that they never said they were, or the other P2P networks do.

    FWIW - I've had Wurld on my machine since April and have NEVER seen an affiliate redirect, parasites like iGive, Upromise, SaHS and Mypoints actually immediately redirected on the Wurld redirect.


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