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    IS cj paying you for referring a affiliate to there program, they sell a product for $50, do you get a 2nd tier meaning you earn $2.50 for that sale? I'm lost because back in the day when cj was very popular, and I Signed up dozens of 2nd tier affiliates, But haven't seen any transactions come from them for a long time?...:0(>
    oops a typo... LOL
    Why am I doing this? when I could be wasting 40 years working for someone else?

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    It's two tier (or two tears) I think...if you refer affiliates on your site, but then talk crap about CJ on ABW, the commissions get cancelled out.

    Just kidding

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    If you see for 2 tier, I find this for you today

    Cj promise in writing 2 tier for life. Do you get it for life?

    I no think you do.

    Commission Junction is determined to build a network of 1 million of the best performing affiliates as quickly as possible. Says Todd Crawford, Vice President of Sales, "We are setting out a $1 million pie and inviting everyone to come and get their slice. The benefits to merchants and affiliates will be tremendous. By integrating a two-tier program into the entire network we will create the incentive for both merchants and affiliates to built a network of 1 million affiliates."

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    Cj's recruiter program pays $2 per active affiliate that signs up under you and has a transaction completed within 30 days.
    You also get 20 percent of the network fee of any advertiser that signs up.

    Personally I find clickxchange's referral program to be better. Its 5 percent of affiliate earnings for life and a $5 bonus when your referred sites earn their first $5.
    Fineclicks has a similar setup for their two tier program too.

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