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    Oh now this upsets me not! Had clicks to them and was indexed in google for a solid month!. Oh well it's your loss Lifestyle Fascination Online hope some of the other abw members would be so kind do press that (drop button for them) Funny, How clicks all of a sudden stopped? hmm now look there at ebates. LOL. Links have or will be removed asap. Now merchants who drop affiliates who can make sales if they would only give us some time to actually make pages. Cj merchants really need to get a clue and visit this forum, I get more deactivation notices with cj merchants who are with ebates and parasiteware then those who are not.. Seems odd? Not.

    We regret to inform you that the Commission Junction advertiser Lifestyle Fascination Online has chosen to expire its affiliation with you effective 5-Aug-2003.

    If you would like to locate another advertiser in the network to partner with, login to your Account Manager ( and visit the Get Links tab.

    Best Regards,

    Client Services
    Commission Junction

    Tip: hmm it's your future. have fun take it seriously, and retire in 2-5 years if your committed. :0).

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    I use to make money with them. Recently I discovered to my dismay, they are using ebates.

    Most of my transactions, it appears, gets reversed these days.

    Your are right; it is no loss to you. keep yer head up!

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    I had a similar email from a different merchant today.

    It is a loss for them, the 1000's of qualified clicks will go somewhere else.

    Actually, I should have noticed them not converting as well as I would have liked. I guess they did me a favor by bringing it to my attention.


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