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    Today I doublechecked my stat over the last months and found that no matter of the amount of clicks the amount of my earnings is about the same. For me it seems that someone said: let him earnd $x and that's it. No matter what I try and no matter how many clicks I get, I cannot come over that amount. Anybody else this feeling?


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    same here the last 3 days at cj, not a lot of clicks, something is not right here. My sharesale and linkshare accounts are fine. and my stats seem to be not doing to well the last 3 months, seems odd, when shareasale and linkshare are just improving.

    Tip: hmm it's your future. have fun take it seriously, and retire in 2-5 years if your committed. :0).

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    I admit I've thought the same thing myself. Fortunately for all of us it's not the case. I've seen the other side and it was good.

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    carneol ,
    I know it does "seem" that way sometimes .

    I think (and I'm hoping for myself as well) , that if you are hanging in there with roughly the same amount of earnings that you had before the summer , things will pick up and be looking much better after the kids go back to school .

    I'm thinking that the only reason my sales haven't sinked to the bottom over the summer is because I have been " keeping my head above water " with a few more pages going for me than before the dead of summer . Also, I've had to concentrate my efforts and keep on top of higher traffic , more -targeted pages, sort of ignoring the rest for the time being , and the wind up was better Linkshare sales for it, with the lack of CJ product links available , or I should say, too many Catalog City product links to be bothered with .

    Also, I have seen the opposite in CJ sales for the past few days - much better since the new database servers were installed .

    I'm going to assume for now that I was wrong, and that in the past , present , and future , there was and is NOTHING wrong with CJ's tracking capabilities ...
    They just had some real sheetty old servers that crashed all the time and lost data all too frequently.

    Hanging in there and looking forward to better fall and winter sales

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    New servers are very slow. But can live with it if data not lost

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    Originally posted by carneol:
    For me it seems that someone said: let him earnd $x and that's it.

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