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    January 17th, 2005
    Hello, I feel a little silly but after years I realize that I can't give my CEO the exact amount earned with CJ month by month.
    Checques are not indicative, and reports are thougher to use than I ever thought.

    Today is August the 1st, how can I see how much I've earned in July?

    I mean, I do not want the May and June reversals to appear, only the July reversals should be there except the checque amount.
    But I can't manage to do that.

    I had to take my calc off the drawer and calculate the raw amount, which the tenth of this month will be generously cut-off by Zxxxxxx (you know).

    And now I've learned this thing, I tried to do the same with June, just to begin a comparison but guess! the "new" status of the transaction has been erased!
    I don't know either the exact amount I earned in June.

    Please HELP me, I feel puzzled. Thanks!


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    I don't count any affiliate earnings till the check is in my hands - too many get reversed etc so any amount you say would probably be wrong.

    I add cj money to my earnings when the check comes in - that's when I really earn the money anyway.

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    If you have any July transactions extended, I'd suggest waiting till the 10th September or till they are either "locked" or "reversed".

    If not, then something like this should do for you (that's how we calculated our monthly earnings anyway):

    Pre-Selected Period: July
    Show Which Transactions: Not Corrected
    Show Which Type Of Transactions: Sale
    . (all others on default settings)

    Original, non-corrected Transactions , in time period 1-Jul-2003 - 31-Jul-2003 , of type Sale , all statuses , all websites , all advertisers

    Repeat above for any other type of transactions that you might have for the month, including Performance Incentive, Lead, Credit, Bonus, etc.

    Then the grand total of the above should be your July's earnings (before any subsequent reversals).

    However, since you are dealing with Z***** too, you might also have "Partial Returns" (e.g. when June's Corrected balance is more than July's Corrections balance), in which case, I'm not sure if these are already included in the above calculations or if they will be included in the subsequent month's totals.

    For other merchants who do their reversals not on a fixed day like Z*****, I'm afraid we can only find out any partial reversals by matching each and every Corrected transaction with its corresponding Correction transaction, which may happen in the same month, a month later, or 2 months later if they are also extended.

    Actually, if only CJ were to give us the capability to generate reports based on EVENT DATE and not POSTING DATE, then the above situation would not be a problem at all, because Corrected and Correction transactions would then be reported on the same set of EVENT DATEs (belonging to the original transaction), and one could easily compare them in total.

    But enough upgr*des for me already, so long as we get paid on time, I really don't mind these niggling problems with the reports at all.

    Hope this helps.


    P.S. Does anyone know how to generate your monthly top 10 performing merchants in one report? The "Product Performance Reports" are quite useless, IMHO.

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