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    January 18th, 2005
    My CJ sales have been dead in the water for over 2 weeks - I usually only sell something every second day or sometimes more but a couple of weeks was strange - especially when i had sales elsewhere.

    Anyway, all of a sudden, the last few days, here comes the sales again, 1 a day pretty much... but today I had 5 (one reversed in that) - I've never had so many sales in a day at CJ from different merchants - it's almost like someone turned a switch on (or off scumlords LOL).

    So far my reversal rate is near 50% and I can pretty much guarantee if the commission is $20 or more it will be reversed.

    I find this all so weird in with the fact that I once saw several sales under '50 best performing links from yesterday' that never showed in my transaction reports. I wonder if I was accidently seeing all the sales that were pinched by scumware LOL

    To the stats monkey that turned my sales on - please don't turn them back off!!

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    January 18th, 2005

    As I said before, these stupid revenue/statistics scripts do whatever they please and whenever they please. I don't trust them. I have never trusted them. I will never trust them. And, for some reason, everything that goes wrong with them hurts always the affiliate. What a coincidence!


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