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    I asked this question before, but nobody up here took a couple of seconds to answer it. How do we get the CJ merchant datafeeds? The WISE "Help" section on CJ gives us nothing when I place the word "datafeed" in the help gadget. Great help CJ!

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    You need to go to Ask A Question (under Support), then when you select the subject pick Linking. There's a second dropdown that comes after that, pick "Advanced Linking" there.

    In the "subject" of your question, put "Datafeeds" and it'll find its way to the right person from there.

    Don't forget to hit "finish submitting question" on the second screen (the one after where you wrote your message to them), or your question won't actually get submitted!

    No guarantees on what they'll say, though.

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    Hello huhu,

    You must request the datafeed from CJ using the ask a question feature in the support area.

    CJ charges $200 or $250 (can't remember which) if you haven't hit a certain threshold. Also, they won't allow you to get a datafeed if you haven't produced a certain commission level also.

    I asked for and got the feed, and CJ has done a good job answering any/all questions that I have had.

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    Once you hit $10,000 sales in a month, go to the ask a question section at cj and ask for a feed.
    That's how I got mine for free.

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    if you hit 10k sales in a month you can get it free, otherwise you must pay $200 or $250 to get it...

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