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    I just received a reversal quoting 'invalid credit card' a full month after the original sale..... is this possible? Why wasn't it discovered earlier? This now gives me a 100% reversal rate with eTronics!

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    I can tell you that most merchants do not have the software to update invalid credit cards immediatly.

    I imagine that that merchant like a lot, just sit down one day and reconcile their affiliate account and reverse out the bad eggs.

    It can take a month if the person that does it also is busy doing other things...

    Besides Samy, arn't you guys down under the ones with the toilets flushing backwards?


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    I don't know anything about eTronics and LUCKILY I don't do reversals for any of my merchants now. I used to and hated it!

    Some merchants reverse sales at the time they fall through, during the month. But since CJ closes the books on the 10th I know alot of merchants do all their reversals just once a month - shortly before the 10th. Since the 10th is a Sunday I'm sure some are starting to clean their CJ account transactions today.

    Sorry about your reversals.

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