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    We recently completed a project that allowed people to add Amazon product links to their FrontPage and Fusion web pages in a snap. Before you think this is a sales pitch, I'll follow up with the fact that we dropped it like a rock a few months ago. (Don't ask why, I'll start crying. )

    However, we did accumulate a ton of knowledge about Amazon's XML datafeed-query system. Is CJ's datafeed similar or are we going to have to learn everything from scratch? We haven't gotten into PHP+NuSoap yet, but we have a ton of C++, Javascript, and HTML knowledge and a working knowledge of PHP+MySQL now.

    Either way, if you have any quickstart sites or doc's on using CJ's datafeed please let me know. Someone said that the CJ datafeed is huge, does that mean they are handling the datafeeds for all their merchants? If not, why is it huge?

    Any comments on whether WebMerge would be useful to a development shop like ours would be appreciated too.


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    good news - it's much simpler than amazon's xml services!

    just a big old flat file. how big depends on which merchants you ask for.

    basic php if you want to squirt it into mysql, basic perl if you want to make pages.

    must be basic - I can do it.

    the trick of course is what you do with it, not so much how.

    no 1 dummy's guide - but lots of useful reading at abw on the subject.

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    Hello androidtech,

    You are asking quite a few questions here. I do not want to divulge any of my trade secrets so I will answer the one concerning the CJ data feeds.

    In the past CJ data feeds were massive. CJ has now zipped the files, when you unzip them they are broken up per merchant. So much better than what they used to have.

    The only issues I have with CJ data feeds are concerning merchants that maintain over 50,000 items, those feeds are still very heavy.

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    I have no problems with Web Merge, but so far *everybody* who knows PHP + MySQL has claimed to be able to do more with that knowledge.

    Don't know if it's just programmer-snobbery or not, though...I suppose it depends on what kind of end result you're after. If you basically just want to stick the data into static pages, I really can't see the point of wrenching your brain with coding when you can click GENERATE PAGES instead, but if you're a masochist you may get a kick out of it!

    On the other hand if you want a dynamic site then the coding is probably worth it. WM doesn't do dynamic.

    Sandra--I've gotten mine as seperate files for a while too, and I was thinking of asking them to change it back to one huge file! I thought seperate files would be great, but now it's a real pain to see who has actually updated. Before, I would run a query in MySQL (yeah I know a smidgen of that lang.) to pull the "lastupdated" dates and whoever had a recent date would pop right up...that made it easy to know just which merchants' data could be safely ignored--and which ones had actually changed their data!

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    don't you find FTP-ing all that static webmerge generated html a problem?

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