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    Someone please correct me if I'm wrong here , but I believe that if you create a product link using CJ's advanced linking option with a text link, you must host the image yourself, because no image URL field exists with that function , so you have the extra steps involved of saving the image, etc. .

    However, if you take the easier way initially, and use an existing banner (image link), to create advanced product links , you are screwed if and when the advertiser decides to pull that particular banner you used, causing all of the product links built with that banner image to re-direct to the main page .

    I'm guessing that this is why I lost all the advanced product links to American Blinds that I painstakingly built one by one a while back , and a host of others that just stopped working .

    Puhleeeeeeease , if this is the case, and expiring banners causes advanced links to stop functioning - I am begging all of you advertisers to designate one banner / image for that purpose , note it as such, and leave that one active - for good !

    You have no idea of the impact of that small move ( expiring one teensy weensy banner ),
    it can mean thousands upon thousands of dead product links - and those of you that allow product links in the first place, know that they work - dead product links don't work for anyone involved !

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    Well said Lisa; I agree.

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    Good point. I learned the hard way that expiring links, in many cases, simply allows outdated banners to continue to circulate for months after their expiration date. We still have old discount shipping banners floating around on sites that don't update or check their CJ mail - and they were expired last year. Now, I just replace outdated banners with new banners. I recommend replacement rather than expiration heartily.


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    What you are saying may be true, but that doesn't seem to be what is going on here with blinds. It seems no matter what you do product links just no longer work with american blinds.

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    How can you tell if a link is enabled for url redirection??? I know some merchants let you redirect to any page, etc which is really nice but there is no way to know which ones....

    Also what is the coding required?

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