Codemasters have doubled their commission from 5% to 10%. Sounds interesting, but the conversion ratio statistics are very poor for Codemasters. Of the 100 affiliate programs we are signed up to at CJ, their 3 month EPC figure of $0.18 is the lowest. For most products, the EPC column says $0.00 or N/A. Bizarre thing is their 7 day EPC has rocketed to $33.28.

We would love to promote their games on our sites, as 10% certainly beats Amazon's 4% after VAT deduction, but unless any steps are taken to improve the number of visitors who go on to buy products, it will not be profitable for us compared to other companies we promote. $0.18 is not a terrible EPC.

Thing is CJ's figures are not always helpful, so I wanted to ask: has anybody had luck selling games via Codemasters?

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