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    January 18th, 2005
    Am I the ONLY person noticing this pattern ?

    Each and every month , there seems to be a problem where a reversal or another advertiser ended or CJ action on my account (correction, reversal, payment getting locked , etc) causes sales to stop recording , or at the very least, find it's way into MY account , like they got lost somewhere in space after the clicks are tracked .

    Whenever these advertiser or CJ - sided manual transactions happen , I don't see any more sales coming in for the day , sometimes several days, allthough traffic is consistant .

    When reversals are most commonly occuring , until about the 10th of the month , I make very little sales at all with CJ , allthough the first few days of every month seem to go just fine -UNTIL that first reversal hits .

    Then again, from around the 11th to the beginning of the payment period, sales are happening again . AND Then again, for a few days from the time Cj begins processing my payment , until the direct deposit hits my bank , sales take a nose dive again .

    Finally, from the time my direct deposit hits my bank account , up to the end of month, I make the most sales .

    There HAS to be a technical problem with your database design that is causing this problem, there is just no way that this is a coincidence month after month , and it is normal for sales to take place on such a predictable pattern , it is NOT the same pattern with Linkshare or Performics.

    I'm thinking that overall, you are only tracking my sales for what equals about half of each month.

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    January 18th, 2005
    I can not say that it is a pattern, but the frequency of sales seems to be that way. Could it be that this is a thing on the merchants side?


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    Or could it be just plain THEIVERY?

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    I understand Lisa, I do have the same problem not the reversal side but the sales will die up for a couple of days and then get a sale.

    Traffic and Click through have tripled with my work and it's worse than before. Sucks but it is happening!

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